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Headway are extremely grateful to the great contribution that our volunteers give to the organisation. We currently have approximately 30 volunteers working across our five branches and they bring a wealth of experience and variety to our groups. Many of them have been with us for many years which we believe is testament to their continuing enjoyment and satisfaction of working at Headway.

Donation from Folkestone Lions Club

As part of our programme to help people regain independence and move into other areas of life we also encourage clients to become, for a limited time, volunteers in the day centres. This helps them gain valuable experience and gain confidence which prepares them for seeking volunteering opportunities outside of Headway.

At each branch there are one or two client representatives who report back on behalf of the group to the Management Committee. Our client representatives perform a vital role in the organisation giving us valuable feedback which we can use to keep our service in touch with those who use it.

If you are interested in volunteering please get in contact with us