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July 2019 – December 2019

Day Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Morning Session

10.00am – 12.20

Cognitive Exercises

Quizzes and puzzles to challenge the brain, memory exercises, word-finding, to encourage group inclusion and teamwork from ‘Golden Carers’ website.


Craft sessions

Some one to one sewing/craft with Marian making useful everyday items that will help clients work towards certificated achievements.







Cognitive Exercises

Cognitive Exercises -Topical quizzes, cryptic puzzles to challenge the brain e.g. word ladders alphabet quizzes.



Seated exercise – gentle exercises and a relaxation element.

Followed by literacy quizzes

Word wheel helps with word-finding and spelling skills, also learning new words and researching their meanings.




Cognitive Exercises

Quizzes and puzzles to challenge the brain and to encourage group inclusion, tolerance and discussion.


Craft Sessions

Project work, creating art pieces for display in the day centre.










Exercise / Relaxation

Seated exercise & gentle exercises with a relaxation element.

The News quiz

A weekly quiz which highlights items that have been in the world news, good for memory recall and recognition.



Topical quizzes, discussions and crosswords


Think BIG

For cognitive deficits, ie memory, concentration, planning, problem-solving.

LUNCH 12.20 – 1pm

Afternoon Session

1.00pm – 3.30pm

Cognitive Team Games

Word quiz, number games, Chinese chequers, connect 4, 94% on the iPad.


Jewellery making

With volunteer Bridgette. Making bracelets, necklaces and more, helping to improve dexterity and concentration.







Interactive games

Scrabble, Rummikub, one to one puzzle making.


Cognitive IT games

Interactive cognitive work using learning apps on the day centre iPad, also helping to gain and refine IT skills.






Cognitive Games


Interactive group games such as, ‘Best of British a game testing your knowledge of all things British past and present.










Interactive Games

Rapidough, Scrabble, Logo Game involving a range of skills such as spelling, strategy, word-finding, number recognition.










If individuals identify alternative aims and goals to the programme above Headway Folkestone will endeavour to support with alternative activities