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January 2017 – June 2017

Day Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Morning Session

10.00am – 12.20


with Marian

Including one to one tutorials with clients, learning how to make every day useful items such as shopping bags, starting from the design stage to using a sewing machine.

Project Work

Topics are chosen by clients and a range of skills can then be implemented such as research incorporating I.T. learning skills, art and creativity, then presented in the form of a written/visual display.

Project work

Topics are chosen by clients and introduce a range of skills eg – research, IT, creativity, presentation verbally or written or display.


Keep Fit

Circuit training, seated exercise – gentle exercises and a relaxation element.

followed by word wheel

working on word finding and spelling skills

Alternative Crafts With Sally

This includes Rag Rug making which works on hand eye coordination and designs skills.


Cognitive Exercises

Quizzes and puzzles to challenge the brain and to encourage group inclusion.

Keep Fit

Circuit training, seated exercise & gentle exercises and a relaxation element.

Word/memory games



Topical quizzes, discussions and crosswords


Think BIG

For cognitive deficits, ie memory, concentration, planning, problem solving.

LUNCH 12.20 – 1pm

Afternoon Session

1.00pm – 3.30pm

Cognitive Games

Word quiz, number games, Linkee, Quirkle

Textile crafts with Yvonne.

Inc. Latch hook, knitting & sewing

Interactive games

Scrabble, Rummikub,

Tension, Back Gammon

Paper Crafts with Yvonne

Which includes greetings card making

Cognitive Games

Linkee, Tension, 94% – word association games which challenges memory recollection.

The News Quiz

Interactive Games

Blockbusters, Scattegories, Tension, Scrabble, etc


Cognitive Exercises

Topical quizzes and cryptic puzzles to challenge the brain

If individuals identify alternative aims and goals to the programme above Headway Folkestone will endeavour to support with alternative activities